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Aryan Group has been actively working with low-income communities since 2010. Our focus has been on operating learning centres for children who live in low resource settings in urban Dehradun. 


While our learning centres are designed for children, we welcome young people and adults to participate in our learning programmes. We understand that parents, guardians, and community members can benefit from being an active part of children’s education. In the process, adults can also feel more empowered, engaged, and encouraged to make positive changes for themselves and their communities.


Aryan Group has been running 5 learning centres since 2005 in Dehradun (Sapera Basti, Nagal Basti, Chetna Basti, Veer Gabbar Basti, and Kath Bangla Basti).


The learning centres are designed to compliment education provided in government schools in these areas, which is often suboptimal, erratic, and unstructured. Children come to the learning centres after school hours where they get an opportunity to engage with a mix of learning resources, games, and outdoor activities. In addition to focus on the school curriculum, our learning journeys include value-based education to deter children from harmful habits such as drug and alcohol abuse, crime, and other illegal and anti-social behaviours.

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