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We believe that dignified work is central to individual and community growth. We endeavour to connect individuals from the communities we work in with gainful employment that also allows them to explore their interests and passions.


Teachers – The teachers we employ for the Aryan Learning Centres are from the very communities that we work in. We provide training, exposure, and other capacity building opportunities to them so that they can enhance their teaching skills.


Program Officers – Program Officers who work in Aryan Group projects are selected from the same communities. This role gives them a chance to engage with other individuals and organisations and enhance their own management and networking skills.


Tailoring Centres – We train women on tailoring and provide them with a sewing machine so that they can begin a home-based enterprise. The tailoring centre works as an added income source for women and allows them to contribute meaningfully to their household expenses.


Making Snack and Household Products – To diversify income sources for women, we train them to make snacks and other household products such as soaps, detergent, incense sticks etc. This gives women an opportunity to start a home-based business of their own for an added revenue stream.

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